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    My DS who is six months has been showing signs that he is developmentally ready to experiment with solids, I am looking to do baby led solids and in no way am i looking to wean, purely to experiment . I am thinking ahead to when i go back to work he will be with MIL and i dont want her stuffing solids down him esp family history of allergy ( realistically am looking to hold off for another month to make sure growth spurt etc isnt an issue), my question is when offering solids if he refuses pumped milk when with her should she offer him his solids or hold off and encourage him to have milk or let him reverse cycle. I dont want her accusing me of asking her to starve him so need info so am well informed and ready for her. Can others advice

    Thanks in advance

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    I am not sure how this will apply to your situation, but I will share what happened with us when I went back to work.

    I went back when my LO was 10 months. He would only take a bottle of expressed milk as part of his nap routine, and then he usually only swallowed 2-3 ounces before falling asleep.

    He would eat the solids his caregiver offered, and sometimes drink a little diluted juice. It was enough to keep his tummy full, anyways. Then, he nursed a lot when we were together: days I didn't work (I went back half-time), evenings, and in the night.

    He continued to gain weight and grow, and our nursing relationship was fine. At 15 months, he decided to quite the bottle all together, and we stopped nursing in public around the same time. Then he switched to lots of nursing when we were at home together, and eating solids or drinking diluted juice from a sippy cup or straw at the other times.

    Good luck with your decisions!

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    When are you planning on returning to work?
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