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Thread: Sorry.. another sleep deprived question

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    Default Sorry.. another sleep deprived question

    My LO wants to be awake for 2 hrs in the middle of the night and play. If I have her in bed with me she crawls all around, or if I have her in the crib she cries, if I stay in her room while she is in her crib she plays around. I don't sleep during this time, I am so exhausted. I have a constant headache, stomach ache and sore throat becasue of the lack of sleep. I co-sleep, but my husband has to sleep in another room, let me say it is starting to strain our relationship. I let her cry but she cries for ever, she won't nurse she wants to be awake and play, this is behavior thing. How do I brake it? She is 8 months.
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    Default Re: Sorry.. another sleep deprived question

    Is she really tired at the end of the day? What time is her last nap? Is she new to crawling/cruising?

    My only suggestions would be to make sure your bed is on the floor so baby won't crawl/fall off and hurt herself. Make sure that she's tired at bedtime, so lots of interesting activities in the afternoon to tire her out. Park, walking outside, play dates, new games etc. Maybe look into her naps? Is she napping late in the day? Can you move it up a bit? And as a last resort, I think I would just make sure the room is really baby-proof and try to sleep through it.. I'm sure it's temporary.

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    Default Re: Sorry.. another sleep deprived question

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*arhanes View Post
    If I have her in bed with me she crawls all around, or if I have her in the crib she cries, if I stay in her room while she is in her crib she plays around. I don't sleep during this time, I am so exhausted.
    could you try making yourself a bed (or pile of blankets, sleeping bag) on the floor in her room and nap while she plays in her crib? If she will let you do that, you can maybe slowly move away over a few weeks during this night play period...

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    Default Re: Sorry.. another sleep deprived question

    What time is she taking her last nap before bed??
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    Default Re: Sorry.. another sleep deprived question

    Agree w/ pps. Protect yourself, baby-proof the room and ignore her... My LO did this and I just rolled over, knowing she wouldn't hurt herself, and just slept. Eventually she'd fall asleep beside me, or snuggle her way onto my boob and then sleep. Can DH take care of her? Mine doesn't really go to sleep early at nights and he took care of her when she was just not sleeping. But the jumping around! As for your relationship, why exactly doesn't DH sleep with you guys? It would help if you both snuggle together agaisnt the "evil" baby! IDK, my husband and I make up camaraderie stories to pull us through. And whenever she naps or is with my mom, we take advantage of that time Hope it helps
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    Default Re: Sorry.. another sleep deprived question

    Ah this happened to me a few times last week and two nights ago. If DD wouldn't fall back asleep with some rocking/nursing in her room after half an hour (totally dark and silent, I don't wanna get her going) I bring her up to our room and she does her thing in bed with us until she falls asleep.

    There is some crying, a lot of face pulling and kicks in the side, "talking", playing with the blanket tag... but eventually she goes back to bed either on her own or with some boob. And even if I can't sleep (bc there is a baby grabbing my hair and babbling in my ear) I still get a little rest since I'm laying down in bed. Plus, BF is there to help handle her.
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    Default Re: Sorry.. another sleep deprived question

    My log in wasn't working so I had to change my username. I am the same person who wrote the original post. Oh the dredded naps. She is not a big nap taker either. She wakes up like clock work after 30min. I normally lay with her when I am off of work (I work part time) she wakes after 30 min then I can sometimes get her back to sleep by nursing, rocking of patting. Her last nap is between 4-5pm only 30 min. If she doesn't nap she is extremely fussy. I have tried eleminating that nap but if she doesn't get it she won't eat anything. She then goes to bed between 730-830. Closer to 730. I have tried laying in her her next to her crib. She just stands up and cries or bangs her head on the side rails trying to get to me. I have thought about putting our mattress on the floor, but our house in on the market and we are trying to sell, so until then of we take it off the market it needs to stay up. Her room is not big enough for a mattress on the floor.

    My DH doesn't sleep in the bed with us because he can't get comfortable, and Lilliana likes her space when she falls asleep. She is somewhat of a bed hog. She doens't like to cuddle once she falls asleep, only to help her fall asleep. He gets frusterated pretty easily at night with her, and she senses it so it is easier if I just do it. The way he helps is to let me sleep in when we are both off together. Hopefully we will sell our house and we will get a king bed.

    She did just master crawling about 2 weeks ago, and pulls herself to standing. She has 6 teeth already, and I am sure two more are coming.

    The last 2 nights I was just so frusterated I had to try the cry-it-out method. She cried for 3 hrs both nights, and she still woke up a lot. I didn't see any improvement last night so I am not doing it again. I just had to try it to prove to myslef and everyone else that she likes human contact while she sleeps, and she isn't the type of baby that will cry to sleep and stay asleep. I also noticed when she cries at night she is more fussy and needy during the day, like she wants the attention she didn't get last night. Prior to that I have been doing the no cry sleep solution without results. I guess I am just going to have to ride it out (it has been going on for the past 4 months), and keep her in bed with me, and if my DH wants to sleep in the other room then so be it.

    I also have many friends with babies but all stopped BFing around 6weeks, and started formula, they say all thier babies sleep through the night. It just makes me feel like an awful parent becasue she doesn't sleep throught the night and is up a lot. It is like I am not meeting her needs. I have tried to contact and local LLL but they do not return my calls or e-mails so I have given up on that. Sorry this is long.

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