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Thread: Quick question re: lipase

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    Default Quick question re: lipase

    Easy question: do the majority of women who have lipase issues have trouble with frozen, then defrosted milk...& and refridgerated milk is fine for at least a few days? My DS has never refused a bottle before, but it was always just refridgerated milk. Today was my 1st day back to work so DH tried to give thawed milk...let's just say neither of the boys had a very good day. I tasted the milk (thawed milk) and nearly gagged. What I pumped today tastes fine. So is it usually the frozen milk that's affected? Thanks so much...

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    Default Re: Quick question re: lipase

    I'm very sure it can happen with refrigerated milk as well because it happened to me. I gave my LO some breastmilk from the fridge (which I had pumped a couple days ago, I think) and he wouldn't take it. I tasted it and it had a soapy taste to it.
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    Unhappy Re: Quick question re: lipase

    Ok. Well, I think I have that issue too, then. Milk from the freezer: GROSS!! Milk I pumped yesterday, from the fridge: not as bad, but still an not-so-nice aftertaste.
    So, when scalding your milk, what does "rapidly cool" mean? Stick the pot with a cover in the fridge? Or transfer the milk into bottles and put those in the fridge? I'm not concerned with freezing right now, but getting enough milk in the fridge for 3 days from now when I go back to work again so I'm in a bit of a time crunch (all freezer stores and apparently the milk I pumped at work yesterday will need to be dumped ). Thank you in advance

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    My EBM was okay for about 2 days in the fridge.

    Anything that went into the freezer I needed to scald to stop the lipase enzyme.

    I "quickly cooled" by creating an ice bath in a cup or small bowl. I took the bottle of scalded EBM out of my bottle warmer then put the bottle into the ice bath to cool. When cool I transferred to a EBM storeage bag and then into the freezer.
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    Wonderful, thank you! And, yes, I am finally reading through the sticky on this. So amazing, and what great ideas...I just went out and bought a bottle warmer and digital thermometer. We'll see how it goes...I'd really like to avoid DS getting formula in a couple days...been sooooooooo very long since the last time I resorted to that (when I gave in early on when bf'ing was so tough...and I hadn't yet found this amazing place...)
    Thank you as always!

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    Default Re: Quick question re: lipase

    It can vary woman to woman. If I freeze my milk immediately, or within hours of being pumped, it tastes fine when thawed, no matter how long I store it. If I let it sit in the fridge without scalding for more than 2 days. . .it's awful.

    I take the bottle I've scalded out of the bottle warmer, stand it on the counter for a couple minutes and then put it in the fridge. It's been fine
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