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Thread: oversupply causing blood in baby's stool?

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    Default oversupply causing blood in baby's stool?

    Hey!! My baby is 6 weeks old and has been having streaks/flecks of blood in her stool for the last 2 weeks. I took her to the ped. and he said it is probably a dairy allergy. Well, I have also read that this could be caused by oversupply of milk. I mentioned this to him and he said that was stupid. Can oversupply cause blood in poop? Has anyone experienced this? Please help! I am worried about her blood

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    Default Re: oversupply causing blood in baby's stool?

    Sorry I can't help you mama, but I'm very curious to hear from others if they think oversupply IS the issue, since I'm in the same situation. I have OALD/OS, and my LO had blood in his stool. Went to the pede, and I am now avoiding dairy, eggs, soy, shellfish. (I've reintroduced wheat, berries and legumes with no problems). If OS was the problem, I could go back to eating "normally".

    I'm anxious to hear from the others!

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    Default Re: oversupply causing blood in baby's stool?

    It isn't a stupid questions and its too bad doctors think that way. I'm scanning this site and others for similar questions and came across this great article on oversupply:


    We've been dealing with terrible fussiness/gas/bowel troubles practically since DS was born and he's 20 weeks today. I know I have an oversupply on the right side as I pump twice as much milk on that side. I was so happy to have found this article. Everything in it rings true to our situation. This is our first baby so who knew what proper bowel movements should look like!

    I'm off dairy too after a suggestion from a doc and am wondering if I get this OALD issue figured out if dairy will even be a problem any more....

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    Default Re: oversupply causing blood in baby's stool?

    Wow - I am so sorry he said that to you. I wonder if you could show him the resource above so he doesn't offend another mom in the same way.

    That's not to say it's NOT a dairy/allergy/intolerance issue. Any other symptoms? fussiness, frothy, odd coloured?

    On an aside... did he really use the word "stupid"? if so I'd consider getting a new pedi
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