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    Hello I have not been on in a while. I believe my litle Destiny is teething early??? Today she got really upset becasue shewanted something in her mouth. My husband then put his finger in her mouth and she began chewing or nawing on his finger. She was really fussy so I gave her some teething tablets. After a while she was totally calm. She will be satring her 14th week on Monday. Is it possible for her t be teething this early? Also she has been really restless at night time the past 2 nights?? Could this coincide with teething? Do they run fever when teething and how long will she be in pain? Hoping someone can help.


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    Yes, it is possible that she's teething but it is still a bit early. My DH and I laugh b/c since DS was 12wks old every time he has a bad night or is fussy or drooling or chewing on his hands I say "He must be ready to cut a tooth!" Well, he's now 5 1/2 months and no sign of them yet. The truth is, all the "symptoms" that you are describing are also just simply baby behaviors. Also, I have read that the first symptoms of teething can precede the first appearance of an actual tooth by 3-4 months! No wonder it's always a question in the back of our heads.

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    My son was doing all these things by 14 weeks -- he also started clamping down on my nipple (biting, basically) for the first time when these pre-teething behaviors started. And his first tooth didn't come in until 7 months.

    I think it is different for every baby and hard to predict. My theory was that if I treated him for teething pain, and he got better, then that's what it was. You'll figure this one out largely by trial and error, like so much else with baby care! Hang in there!


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