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Thread: How much weight should a BF baby gain?

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    Default How much weight should a BF baby gain?

    Just curious... what is the average? My DS - who is now 16 weeks - was gaining a little over two pounds a month for his first two months. Since his 8 week check up, he has only gained about 2 pounds total over a period of 7 weeks - so around a pound a month. My doctor isn't the least bit concerned, but I -of course- am just a little nervous at his weight gain slowing down, especially since he now only in the 20th percentile.

    He is a very content baby who doesn't seem to need to eat a lot. He eats very little amounts about 7-9 times a day. He has about 5-7 wet diapers (on average - sometimes more - depends on how lazy I am at changing him) a day - not always soaking - some are CRAZY heavy and some are on the drier side, I figure it all balances out , and usually 1-3 bowel movements a day. All perfectly normal from what I can tell. He's never been a big eater.. I just sometimes wonder if he would eat more if I offered him a supplemental bottle once in a while (EBM of course). My gut is telling me not to - that he is perfectly fine - but I do worry that my fear of the bottle sometimes clouds my judgement. I don't obviously want my LO to suffer. And of course I want to make sure he is gaining enough weight.

    Thoughts? (I know I am being my overreactive, worrying self - sorry!)


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    Default Re: How much weight should a BF baby gain?

    The lc at the hospital told me that babies should double their birth weight in the first 6 months and triple it in the first year. I think that works out to 1/2-1 ounce per day. It sounds like your son is in that range but you can call the ped if you are worried.

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    Default Re: How much weight should a BF baby gain?

    It sounds like your little one is just fine. The diaper output sounds great and as long as he is content and meeting milestones, don't worry about the weight. I realize that is easier said than done though! I think generally breastfed babies are supposed to gain between 4 and 6 ounces a week...

    I know how you feel though, My dd is 6.5 months old and at her 6 month checkup she only weighed 11lb 4oz. That is up from 6lb 15oz at birth. She gains on average only 9-12oz per month...and my dr isn't concerned because she is meeting milestones well in advance of when she should. She is crawling on her hands and knees, pulling herself up and actually tried to move along the couch today She actually is off the charts, and not on the high end either!!! She is about 15% below where the charts start for her weight, while her height and head are at about the 25%...the smallest baby I've ever seen to be honest. I freaked out regularly for a very long time and almost gave up breastfeeding thinking that I was just not getting something right...but I finally came to the conclusion that she is a slow gainer, and if she were to LOOK sick or ACT sick, then I'd worry. Hard as it is, trust your instincts...all children grow at a different rate. Don't watch the chart, but the baby...if he's happy and has good output and meets milestones, I don't think there is anything to worry about.
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    Default Re: How much weight should a BF baby gain?

    You may find the links on the page below helpful. There are growth charts, weight gain calculators and articles on weight gain all geared towards the breastfed baby:

    Normal Growth of Breastfed Babies

    Your little one sounds like he's doing just great! Breastfed babies also tend to gain a lot at first, then taper off - gaining slower.


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