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Thread: wanting to limit feeds, how?

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    Default wanting to limit feeds, how?

    my daughter is 26 months and feeds very frequently. I'm trying to cut her down to perhaps 4 feeds - morning and night and before and after nap as I think she has more than necessary for her age.
    The trouble is I have always demand fed so she gets really frustrated if I try to make her wait, and distraction only works for a few mins. Also my mum is usually around and if I try to put dd off mum says, just feed her its easier, and once dd knows she has Grandma on side it is even harder.
    Any hints tips much appreciated, and feel free to ask for clarification as I am having trouble explaining

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    Default Re: wanting to limit feeds, how?

    Hey tamnmac...do I know you from somewhere?

    This is a tricky one, because it sounds like it is more to do with someone else trying to rule the roost.

    Breastfeeding is a two way street, and although there isn't really any "too much" for a toddler in terms of biology, there is always other things to take into account, such as Mum's comfort level! And that is ok!

    It is perfectly fine to set boundaries within your comfort zone BUT you need to be consistent! If dd even suspects you will cave, she will keep pestering. (LOL I say this because I know from experience ) Some Mums find that they can work out the most favourite feeds of the day, and cut down to just those. They make them at particular times of the day that their dc will recognise - eg: wake up time; after morning tea; before bed etc.

    If Grandma says "Just feed her; its easier; its ok" etc, then maybe you could try taking her aside and explaining how you feel. Its great that she is so in favour of nursing a toddler, but your dd is YOUR dd (and your breasts belong to YOUR body!), and you make the rules!

    Good luck!!

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