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    We are moving approximately 5 hours away and I need advice on the best way to transport my stash. The movers will likely load all of our belongings (including the freezer) on one day and then transport the following day, so I am looking at approximately 24 hours. I can probably transfer to a friend's freezer here before they unplug ours, but what is the best way to transport to our new home the next day? I heard people mention using dry ice. How long can that keep the milk frozen? Do I need to plan on using all of the milk upon arriving? I don't really want to spend all my time pumping to replace once we arrive as I will be rather busy! Thoughts?


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    If you can stash the milk in your friend's freezer until it's time to go, I don't see why you can't just put the frozen milk in a cooler in your car and transport it that way. If it's frozen completely solid and there's several containers or bags, you might not even need any additional ice. But if you do, you can just toss in some ice packs. You might just want to keep it in your friend's freezer for one extra day until your freezer is installed and running for a while so it can get cold. Good luck!

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