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Thread: fenugreek and blessed thristle. anyone know?

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    Default fenugreek and blessed thristle. anyone know?

    Hi, i just started these again 2 days ago, since I couldn't get the 1 supplement a day dropped (I relactated)
    anyway yesterday and so far today he has had NO supplements and his diapers do seem fuller! I don't feel as deflated, now the question is...i only have a week supply ! from day 1 to day 7 lol.

    does it typically do enough just to boost the supply? or once i run out do you think there will be problems with a decreased supply??

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    Default Re: fenugreek and blessed thristle. anyone know?

    I think it varies greatly depending on the mom. Some mothers can take them for a short while, see an increase and then stop taking them without their supply dropping back down. Some moms need to keep taking them to keep their supply up to where they increased it.

    Kellymom states:

    "Fenugreek can be used either short-term to boost milk supply or long-term to augment supply and/or pumping yields. There are no studies indicating problems with long-term usage. Per Kathleen Huggins "Most mothers have found that the herb can be discontinued once milk production is stimulated to an appropriate level. Adequate production is usually maintained as long as sufficient breast stimulation and emptying continues"

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