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Thread: Not sure where to put this question

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    Hey Stasia, I think everyone is right when they say it is likely colostrum. Midway through my pregnancy, I started complaining to my husband that my nipples were really dry. They weren't irritated or painful, but they were really flaky and I could see these big skin flakes when I wore black bras. In the shower, I could pick off huge chunks of them!

    Well, eventually I realized it wasn't skin! It was colostrum!
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    Hi, I had the same thing for 5 years. My first was breastfed for 15 months, she weaned herself. I continued to see white "stuff" on my nipples often throughout the month. I would scrape it off just like you and the only pain came from to much scraping. Then a week later it was back. My sister, a pediatric nurse and studying midwife, agreed that it was milk/colostrum. I never got plugged ducts or mastitis once she weaned. (did while nursing) and I have just had my second baby 6 1/2 years after the first. I am now working on week 10 of breastfeeding and we have had no complications. Whatever was dried up was sucked out and other then the normal learning to latch stuff we have been fine.

    So, rest assured that this is probably nothing to cause concern and you are not alone and without the presence of other issues you should have no problem nursing your newest LO.

    Good Luck

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