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Thread: So far it seems to be working!

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    Default So far it seems to be working!

    I'm always freaking out and complaining in my posts , and i just wanted to switch it up and post something positive.

    this is a quote from myself on saturday. ..

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*namaste View Post

    and yes, last night went better. I found a NCSS support group on facebook and was reading some of the success stories and it inspired me to keep working with the ideas from the book. Some mamas said it took four months of consistency, while some said it just took a month. But one thing they said they would do would be to pull them off when their nursing had gotten "fluttery" , doing that over and over until they accepted it, and then holding them for a few minutes before placing in crib and letting them then fall asleep in your arms vs at the breast. i did that last night and halfway through the night he went from waking every hour to waking every 2. I'm thinking i will keep trying this, and once it starts getting easier (there were plenty of times last night he would not accept the holding or being put in crib so i would start the process over at the breast) but once it gets easier and easier to go through this process with a high acceptance rate, then i'll try to lessen the amt of time i hold him, hopefully progressing to the point where someday i just have to pick him up, or maybe even not pick him up, or maybe someday he will just stop waking up!!
    oh but i musn't get my hopes up.. i think that's what made the other night so bad, i had such high expectations.

    i know in reality that his sleep pattern will take a lot of time to change.

    So anyways, I've been doing this and he's been sleeping better!!!! Last night he woke after 2 hrs, 3 hrs, and 3 hrs again!! The last time I put him down I did have to go in and resettle him after 10 minutes but all i had to do was latch him on for maybe a minute and then hold him a couple minutes!

    and who knows, maybe it's not what i'm doing at all, but it sure feels good to get a little sleep. The waking every hour was starting to drive me bonkers!

    Thanks, mamas for your constant encouragement!

    And I hope this brings hope to some of you sleepless mamas!
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    Default Re: So far it seems to be working!

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*sixyearplan View Post
    glad it's going better!

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    Default Re: So far it seems to be working!


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