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Thread: I am panicking now (bottle issues)

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    Default I am panicking now (bottle issues)

    My first post here.
    I am hitting myself on the head for being so stupid. I struggled to get ds take a bottle at around 3.5 months in anticiptation of returning to work. After a week of struggle he finally did and I was pumping and feeding 2-3 oz from a bottle daily to keep it up.

    THen I resumed work and was fortunate enough to start with working from home (boss didn't specify till when and I keft it open). SO I slacked off on pumping and have been back to nursing again. ds will be 5 months next week and this week boss suddenly said why don't you start coming in to the office from next week - he's pretty flexible and even said to start with once a week so can't complain about him.

    But now I'm trying the bottle again and its not working - tried in the swing, in the moving car etc. - last time he took the Medela nipple. NOw I'm stuck about what to do - is this too late to get him on a bottle??

    Problem # 2 - checked with HR and there's no lactation room available in the office and no room they can give me either, since they all have glass doors!! I don't know how ot get around this.

    So not only do I have to try and get ds to take a bottle but also with formula in it

    Any practical advice will be appreciated! I have to do this myself, hubby won't try for more than 5 min and give up... last itme I actually started him by having him latch on to me, eat for a few min then gently take him off and give the bottle - this time he's screaming and having nothing to do with it...

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    Default Re: I am panicking now (bottle issues)

    Can he be spoon fed? what about trying differenttypes of sippy cups?

    Can you pump in your car?

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    Default Re: I am panicking now (bottle issues)

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*sixyearplan View Post
    Why do you have to give formula? If I didn't have access to a room to pump, I would probably pump in my car.
    same here.
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    Default Re: I am panicking now (bottle issues)

    Also, could one of the rooms have curtains put up? or be covered with paper? It seems odd to me that even storage rooms would have glass doors, but maybe they didn't think of those rooms.

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    Default Re: I am panicking now (bottle issues)

    duh... thanks, never thought about the car - I really was panicking

    I will try and get some sippy cups and see how that goes, still trying the bottle as well, last night after he finished nursing and was almost asleep he did latch on to the bottle for a bit - maybe took in 1/4 oz... so I will keep trying everyday...

    thank you!

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    all the offices where I work have windows. I have a floral print bedsheet hanging up in mine

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    Default Re: I am panicking now (bottle issues)

    I pump in the handicap stall in the bathroom at work, I have placed a chair far, far, away from the toilet...it is not in the way of anyone who would use the bathroom who is handicap. Not the most pleasant place to pump but it is worth it for my baby. Also, try NUK bottles. My DS took them quite well. They have an unusual shaped nipple that is supposedly similar to ours when they nurse....don't know how true that is....but you could get one to try! Don't give up...it will work out!
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    Default Re: I am panicking now (bottle issues)

    Hello! I just went back to work to on Thursday and my work doesn't provide any real space to pump either but I'm determined to pump for my DD so I make sure to get there 30 min before work starts to get the first session of pumping out of the way by pumping in my car. I just got my windows tinted today to limo-grade tint so that I can pump more comfortably in my back seat. They said I could pump in a storage room that is regularly accessed by the plant staff but I had too much anxiety and thought someone might come in at any moment by using the key to access the room and "catch" me in the middle of a session so I tried the single-stall restroom the next day and it just didn't feel clean. I'm going to go back to my car and get it going for all of the sessions. PLEASE don't give up and try your car out -- it may be even more comfortable than your work.

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