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Thread: Is night feedings ok at 14months??

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*ooligator View Post
    If its fine with you then it's totally ok. I still nurse my 14 month old daughter during the night. We don't co-sleep, but she usually wakes once during the night and can't resettle on her own (probably would if I just left her to cry it out but I'm not prepared to do that), so I go and give her a feed. Just recently she's started sleeping through on some nights, ie; not waking for a feed, but it's the rarity not the norm.

    I also have got some negative responses to this, and am selective who I tell, as the general thought around this seems to be that they don't "need" the food, so why should you be giving it at night. To be honest, I like the night cuddles, it's so quiet and still, and about the only time she's not crawling around the place, so I get a good cuddle.

    I couldn't handle 3 times a night, but I guess co-sleeping makes that much more convenient, as you don't have to get up yourself.
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    Hi, I would say yes once it's ok with you and your LO that's all that matters. In my experience all babies are unique and have different needs. My ds was a 'text book' baby as in with no effort on my side he slept 'through' from an early age and was excl bf til 6mths and bf til 13mths. My dd started off the same and at 4mths point blank refused to stay in her cot at all! We went with the flow and since she has co-slept and still is at 15mths.(and still bf) We don't mind, for whatever reason she needs the extra security of being with her mum and when she has a feed at night I hardly wake so it's perfectly fine. Life is too short and they grow up too quickly so relax and enjoy!!

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    Absolutely it's ok. As long as you are feeling comfortable with it............

    DD is 14 months as well and nurses once at night.
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    My DD2 is almost 18 months and nurses a few times in the night - depending on the night. Like the others said... if it works for you then it is great.

    People do not understand that most nights this actually allows me to get the maximum amount of sleep because she nurses and goes back to sleep right away. She will settle down very quickly instead of getting really worked up. Some nights I don't even remember if I nursed her, how many times or when...

    Only in the last few months have me and DH talked about doing some type of night weaning (plus some good ideas from the forums) to try to help her sleep longer stretchs because some nights she wakes up every 2 hours (that makes a really tired mommy!) She usually starts out in her crib and ends up in bed with me.
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