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Thread: Worried about my supply

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    Default Worried about my supply

    I'm a new mom to a 4 week old boy. We have had latch\sucking issues from the beginning. The poor guy just didn't get it( like the article on Kellymom says)! I have been trying everything I can to get him to nurse. At two weeks we had to supplement him with formula and I began pumping after every feeding. We have gone to support groups, worked with an LC, a doula and a nurse. Their line is basically, keep trying it is hard but he will get it one day.
    This time last week I was panicked because I was nursing for 45 min to an hour, then giving a bottle then pumping and trying to get him to sleep. There was no routine and his sleep was suffering as a result.
    This week he seems to have made it perfectly clear. He does not want to nurse. He wants the bottle and gets really frustrated really fast if he doesn't get it. It has gotten to the point that putting him a breastfeeding position makes him scream. (I've tried feeding him with the bottle in that position, but he is smart!)
    Now I have resigned myself that he is not going to BF. I am still trying to BF by offering him the breast for about 5 minutes before giving the bottle. If I get him before he is fully alert I can get him to latch and suck for 2 minutes or so and then he pushes off again and again.
    I am pumping after each feed. Sometimes I get 4 oz, sometimes I barely get 1 oz. I am taking the MoreMilk supplemnts and have tried rescue remedy too. Not sure if they work, but it couldn't hurt. I am so worried about my supply. I have been told so many conflicting things. My main concern is that i will not have enough milk for him. I have been told that moms who only pump loose their supply at 3 months and that the supply does not change once they start to BF, so that as his needs increase, my supply will stay the same.
    What are your experiences with this. Has anyone pumped exculsively and increased their supply? Did you do it on your own or did you take regaln? Suggestions please!
    Thanks a million!

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    Default Re: Worried about my supply

    there are a few moms on this forum that just pump. have you contacted your local lll leader? She might know another pumping mom that you could talk to.
    The more you pump the more milk you are going to make. Have you thought about feeding him with a cup or other mythods?
    heres a link about getting baby back to the breast

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    Thanks Andrea! I looked at the article and may try some of those ideas. My LC is a LLL. that's how I found her! She is wonderful and has helped me through some pretty tough days.
    Maybe some of those exclusive pupmers will check in soon!

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    Default Re: Worried about my supply

    I'm in the same boat, after my LO had a bottle he would never go back to the breast, I've tired for some time!

    Anyway, your supply will not dry up after 3 mo of pumping! I'm sure you can pump the same/long as you would BF. I've been exclusively pumping for over 3 mo and I pump around 35-40oz a day (depending of if I pump 4 or 5 times). So, I create how much milk I get. This allows me to waste some left over, freeze some over the weekends and make sure his sitter has plenty in case he is extra hungry one day. I've never had to take any supplements. I feel the key is to keep pumping! My LO sleeps 11 straight hours through the night; however I still get up in the middle of the night to pump. It makes things easier for me and I think it helps maintain my supply. I'm sure I wouldn't "have" to do it in the middle of the night, but I do it anyway. Also, I always pump for an extra 5 minutes after I feel I'm completely done/empty. Whether or not these things help, I dont know, but they certainly dont hurt!

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