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Thread: Cooler in the Fridge?

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    Default Cooler in the Fridge?

    Hi All,

    I give my sitter milk for my DD in those Medela 5 ounce bottles that I pump into. I place them in a cooler (the Medela one that came with my PISA) and the icepack it comes with and she keeps it like that in her fridge all day. Would it be better if she took out all of the bottles and stuck them in her fridge that way? Does the cooler help or hinder keeping the bottles as cold as possible?

    Any thoughts are appreciated! Thanks!

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    My sitter just put the cooler in the fridge with the lid open. That way it didn't help or hinder, but it did keep everything conveniently together. (Actually, I do the same thing with my lunches - I pack them in the evening, leave them in an open cooler in the fridge, and close it up & add a coldpack in the morning.) Come to think of it, the sidewalls of the cooler may help a little with drafts when the door is opened.
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    If the icepacks are in there, it will keep the milk colder than just the fridge alone. That's what I do with my pumped milk at work, I just drop the bottles into the cooler with the icepack and put it in the fridge. The ice pack is still frozen when I drive home and I don't worry about someone standing there with the fridge door open forever.

    I put my milk for Lilah into a cooler with one of the Medela ice packs, then another gel pack between two of the bottles and the wall of the cooler and then another one on top. My babysitter doesn't put it in the fridge and the leftover milk is still cold at the end of the day.

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