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Thread: Q about amounts at 1 year

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    Question Q about amounts at 1 year

    How do you make sure that your baby is eating enough solids/food at 1 year? When I send her to the babysitters, should I be sending less milk and expecting her to eat more solids?

    Right now I send her with 12 ounces of my milk, she eats about 10, including that made into cereal and then she'll eat an ounce or two of solid foods. I was thinking about sending her with 8 ounces of my milk and 4 ounces of organic whole milk yogurt when she turns a year and then start to phase in cow's milk after I stop pumping.

    It seems a lot more confusing when you expect them to get significant calories from eating instead of drinking...

    What did you all do when your babies turned one?

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    Default Re: Q about amounts at 1 year

    bumping this up for ya

    Usually you'll find that your baby will start to take some more solids and take less milk gradually on their own.
    Your breastmilk is still a GREAT source of nutrition after the first year, so it's not necessary that you make a big switch exactly at a year. It's more of a guideline than a deadline.

    So you can follow your toddlers lead!
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