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Thread: My success with regular protocol!

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    Default My success with regular protocol!

    Okay, so last month my adoption coordinator was 99% sure that we would be getting a little girl due on the 31st (of Aug)... so, I went off the bcp's, stayed on the domperidone, started fenugreek and blessed thistle, and started pumping...

    well, the situation fell through - at the last minute. So, I am now stuck pumping- they'd better get us a match SOON!!!!!!!!

    The positive note is... after 4ish weeks of intense pumping, I am up to a little over 6oz per day!! I have 90ish oz in the freezer! I am glad I started pumping, I hope to get a pretty good supply before I get chosen...

    Anyways, I just had to share in my pumping success! I seem to be increasing by about 8ml per day, so that's about an extra ounce every 4 days or so. YAY!

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    Default Re: My success with regular protocol!

    Awesome Holly! You'll be nursing your baby (exclusive) in no time! You are doing such a great great job!

    Keep up posted on everything!

    Good luck!

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