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    I am beginning to pump more and am not sure how to feed my baby the milk I have stored in the refrigerator. I can usually pump 5 oz at a time, but she will only eat 4 oz. Can I mix that extra ounce with breast milk that I pump at a later time?
    First time mom to Cali born 8/26/09

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    Yes, but then that milk needs to be used by the date the oldest milk mixed in should be used. So, if you want to use it in 3 days, but you pumped some yesterday and some today and then mixed it, you would have to use it up by the day after tomorrow, if that makes sense. I think that you can actually use refrigerated milk up to 7 days after, but I only do 3 days.

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    Ok thank you! I was thinking the same thing, but needed someone to verify I was right!
    First time mom to Cali born 8/26/09

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