DD is 22 months old and we are 3 weeks into night weaning. It has gone more smoothly than I ever imagined! Three weeks ago before she fell asleep, I explained to her that the milks would be going to sleep, too, and they wouldn't wake up until the sun came up in the morning and it was light outside again. At that point, she told her milks "night night", pulled my shirt down, and went to sleep ! Now her night wakings (she was still waking 3 x a night) are starting to lessen, and she is easy to soothe back to sleep when she does wake.

My dilemma is that she is wanting to get up at 6 every morning, which I'm fine with, but the sun doesn't come up until 7. I've been able to satisfy her with breakfast so far, but I'm worried about sunrise continuing to come later until Daylight Savings Time ends.

Should I try to not let her get up and come downstairs until daylight? Or should I just continue to distract her? I would prefer to just go ahead and nurse when we get up, but I don't want to throw off the whole "the milks are sleeping when it's dark" concept. Any ideas?