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Thread: Breast milk purees

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    does adding bm to a purée count as bm consumption?

    Here is my back story. DD is 8 mo and started daycare for the first time two weeks ago. She won't take any ebm while I'm gone. She started refusing the bottle a few months ago and even though shell take a few sips from a sippy or straw cup for me, she won't when I'm at work. This week she did start eating solids at DC and one day she had 2 oz of bm (the most she's taken) so I hope she'll start eating more at some point.

    But I'm worried about her intake. If I add ebm to fruit or veggies and purée them, would that count as bm consumption? I don't want her missing out all day on the nutrition or getting dehydrated. So I'm thinkng runny vm purees would help solve this.
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    Yes, any breast milk she consumes will count. For example, if you add an ounce of bm to her food at each meal, and she eats it all, that's an extra ounce of breast milk for each meal she eats. If she does better eating it than drinking it, that's fine!!!

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    I think it does. My babysitter makes very thin baby oatmeal with the leftovers from Lilah's bottles twice a day. It's the only way she takes in the recommended 1 ounce per hour away from me amount.

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