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Thread: 15 month old won't drink

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    Smile 15 month old won't drink

    Help! I didn't give my son any solids until 6 months, and then didn't really push them until 9 months to 1 year. He didn't get teeth until late, so we worried that he really couldn't eat anything besides purees. He is 15 months now, and still eats 1 fruit (size 2) and 1 veggie (size 2) every day, as well as crackers, grapes, banana, oatmeal cookies, and stuff like that. He has aversion to certain textures and won't try many things.

    He hasn't taken a bottle well ever. We stopped trying early on. I would nurse him in the morning before daycare, nurse him on my lunch hour, after work, before bed and then at least once if not twice in the middle of the night. At 12 months, I cut out his noon nursing, and about 1 month later his after work nursing. We are down to before work, before bed and once during the night. Besides that, he gets very little liquid during the day. He won't drink much from a sippy cup. We have tried the kind that flow freely and he will drink a little from them, but not much and rarely. I don't want him to be dehydrated! Any suggestions on certain types of cups or ways to attract him to drink out of them? Also, ideas for ways to get him to try different food? I like him to still eat the purees, because I know exactly how much he is getting. I feel like maybe I started him too late with food and too late on the sippy cup. Should I try a bottle again? I know that my daycare provider would like him to be on the same food as the other kids (I don't reallly care what she thinks!), and she said well, maybe you will have to go cold turkey with nursing. I think that is cruel! Plus, he would dehydrate totally. Anybody have any advice?

    Sorry for the long post!
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    What about just a regular cup? Have you guys tried that with just a little water in it?

    When you said you know how much he's getting from the puree's what do you mean? You know how many greens he's getting or the amount of nutrients in it?? I ask only because we never did puree's - I had the opposite deal where my LO wouldn't eat anything with that texture (ie no texture!) and he'd only really feed himself.

    There are lots of good resources on baby led weaning that might help you. Eventually, one day, he'll feed himself whatever he wants. So offering good foods and letting him choose what he eats is a good way to continue to let him eat how his body determines his needs (like he does with nursing).

    You kind of have to look at nutrition in a weeks time with young kids. One day they will only eat starches, one day they eat only fruit and maybe some carbs. Then one day they are on a cheese kick. Round that out with a veggie day or two and you've got a pretty balanced week.

    Cold turkey nursing never helped anyone do anything. Not good for you, not good for him. Nursing doesn't really have much to do with him eating puree's or not being excited about a sippy cup. Taking it away? Yeah daycare, that's not gonna help either.

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    Can you give him a real cup to play with in the bath? Or drink from a real cup and let him have some? Lilah loves to drink/eat whatever I have. In fact, I now have to have foods that I'm comfortable with her having anytime I have something to eat. She crawls right over to me, pulls up and demands to get in my lap and eat off my plate

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    Have you tried the straw sippy cup, one of the ones w/o a valve so it comes out fast? Take and toss are good, and you can also try using the same one for an open cup.

    Leave it down for him all the time, he will get the hang of it.

    At 15 months he should not be eating purees and should be on finger foods. I think you should get creative and bold with what you're offering. Maybe with some fun options he might show an interest in more foods!

    What about any kind of meats or things he can dip? Chicken nuggets, veggie strips, pastas...

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    It took my lo forever to be good at drinking and she still isn't great at it at 28 mths! I second the straw recommendation, that was the only thing that worked for us. She loves the Take n toss brand since there is no valve. It is a bit messier but she hated all valves. Even now, I have to really work to get 16 oz of milk into her a day (she weaned about a month ago). I have found that she likes to drink in the car, I guess thats a bad habit but at least she gets some. Now that she is weaned, she will drink with my dh at bedtime and that is all she gets for the day. I offer all the time but she mostly won't take it. She wats lots of fruit so I guess that is where she gets teh fluid. We were also slow on solids but no real aversions here. Maybe try some avocado and o shaped cereal, they are often very popular. If he likes fruit, try some pieces of soft fruit to start with. He probably should move on from purees but I have to confess, my 28 mth old eats 1 jar everyday still. She LOVES baby sweet potatoes. I tried giving her chunks but she said they weren't the right thing. She eats plenty of other stuff so I just do it. HTH!
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    Just know that you are not alone. My lo nurses about the same amount as yours (3-4 times a day), is night weaned (self-night-weaned) and in daycare. She will be 15 mo. on saturday. I have been offering her sippies for about 6 months. She FINALLY drank a whole sippy of water (6 oz.) at daycare yesterday and today! I worried a TON about her getting dehydrated, but it never happened. She always seemed to have enough fluids from the fresh fruit and 3-4 nursing sessions. It takes a while, but if you are patient in offering different kinds of sippies with water (and sometimes a little juice) eventually your lo will pick up on it. Personally, I wouldn't cut any more of his nursing sessions - and I would make sure he's eating lots of fresh fruit. My baby likes to munch on watermelon, canteloupe, oranges, grapes, etc. I also feed her soups. hope that helps - let us know how it goes!

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