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    My son is 8 mnths old and gets one meal of solids a day and is breast feed at all other times. I was looking to introduce some finger foods for him to learn to feed himself...things like bananas/ mangos/avacados which he loves are all to mushy. Does anyone have any thoughts on things like Cheerios? he is feed all home made organic mushy foods and I dont want to give him something that is high in sugar or not organic. I am also concerned about choking so not sure if something like cheerios is a good move...any thoughts???

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    Does he have a pincer grasp and does he make chewing motions with his jaw? As for avocado etc I just cut into strips and DD was able to pick them up to eat. Bananas I'd press on one end to split them - they naturally split into 3 sections - and I'd give her those to munch on.
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    First things first. I can't not say this You have a child now - get yourself (and anyone that is going to be caring for your child) enrolled in a infant/child CPR course. Then you'll learn all about choking - what it is and how to fix it if it happens.

    As for finger foods... here's a resource that has a few good ideas to start with... Here's another.

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    I can't remember when we did cheerios, but around 8 months. If you're nervous about choking with them you can always soak in breastmilk first so they mush in his mouth quicker.

    You could also try single puffed grain cereal (puff rice). If you mix with a bit of cut up fruit it soaks up the fruit juices and has a nice flavor for them.

    Longer pieces of fruit (think french fry shaped) they can hold and gnaw on the ends are also nice for first finger foods.

    We also did turkey breast as a first finger food.

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