The reason I say your supply possibly is ok is because your baby is still gaining (a very good sign) and their growth rates vary wildly - no baby really grows in a nice smooth curve - it is all about peaks and spurts. Also, a baby "still seeming hungry" is common at this age - between growth spurts and teething babies between 3 and 6 months constantly seem to want more. How is output (the best way to work out input for a BF baby)? How many wets, how many dirties?

I just always wonder-even though she is gaining we seem to not be dancing-Ihave posted this on the infant site and such encouragemtn too...ok "still seems hungry" -she nurses sometimes hourly and after she is "done" she rams her hands in her mouth and chews if I offer she refuses and fusses-she is a very fussy nurser and just doesnt seem "satisifed and content-very wiggley and breast and fussy too..I have to change postions all the time with her and feedings sometime take and hour...she eats in her letdowns seem to be slow at she falls asleep and eats and waits for me to kick in-well this is all what I think. I saw on the other post that stress can inhibit letdowns-well if that is the case I am doomed! I am not a relaxed person by nature and with 4 kids and the baby fussy at breast it makes it hard to just relaz and nurse-plus my alleriges are in high gear. so I just muddle through it and after every nurse I dont feel confident she is ok-it is an unsettling in my heart. her dipaers really depend daily....never the same. if I see at least 4 I am hoping she is ok....she is gaining but feeding her is tough and stressful and not enjoyable-and when she changes on me=whew it throws me through a loop. she even refuses me when I just i wonder sometimes if she has her own version of a strike....I want to wait till six month for soilds but I dont know if her and I will last that long=I wont give up on BF but man this is a struggle-I am hoping to hear from another lac to watch feedings so will see-call dr on monday for refulx possibly.

thanks for your encouragement