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Thread: Need a new pump: Medela or Ameda?

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    Default Need a new pump: Medela or Ameda?

    Hi, I'm new here, I apologize for not lurking long before my first post, and apologies that this is long, but I hope the background is helpful:

    My LO is a bit over 9 months old, and I've been EBFing/Pumping the whole time (he's on purees and starting real solids, but the only thing he drinks is EBM direct from the tap or bottled from DH or the babysitter). I've been using a Medela PIS (not Advanced) that I bought from a good friend who literally used it for one week a long time ago, before she decided to SAH. It was a great pump.

    The pump is dying. The motor is unhappy, and I want to be able to feed my little guy EBM (as well as BF) longer than a year as long as he is willing. He's my first, and we are leaning toward trying for a second child, but it's not a certainty (and I'm almost 40 and it took awhile to conceive him), so it's possibly I won't be using it that long. Work is often from home, but I'm gone often enough that I pump 2x a day (once a day and once at night).

    My H is completely on board with me getting a new pump, and he prefers sooner than later so it gets the most use. I'm torn, and would love some advice on an electric, double pump:
    (1) PISA -- Basically what I have now with updated technology.
    (2) Freestyle -- From what I understand from an old post here, as good as or better than the PISA, and unnecessary for my 2x a day habit, though it would be nice, but I suspect it would be awesome to have if we have a second LO. More $$, especially if we don't have another LO. I like that people who reviewed it here used both the PISA or the Symphony (what I used in the hospital) and the Freestyle for direct comparison.
    (3) Ameda Purely Yours. I like the idea of a closed system, maybe I could resell it, especially if we don't have a second LO. Has anyone used both this and the PISA or Freestyle and can you tell me if it's as good? A little less $$, too.

    Thank you so much!

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    Default Re: Need a new pump: Medela or Ameda?

    I liked my PISA, but that's the only one I've ever used. I believe it's around $280 BUT I was able to buy at BRU with a 20% off coupon so I got it for around $225. Look for coupons I figured it paid for itself after 4-5 months of use - compared to if I were to have rented a pump.
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