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Thread: babe getting enough milk?

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    Default babe getting enough milk?

    baby was born on 9/12 @ 9:25 am, so I'm in day 3, right?

    so far today she's only had 1 wet and one poopy diaper, and has nursed 4 times for about 30 minutes a session {1 breast per session}. She's had a couple of diapers that MIGHT have been wet, but they looked more like a bit of discharge rather than pee to me {pinkish rather than yellow}

    Should I be worried? WE just got out of the hospital {had been kept for 48 hours for observation due to my water breaking more than 24 hours prior to birth} and they didn't seem concerned, but she did pee & poop more yesterday than today. She seems fine, alert & active, and content after a feeding. I think my milk is still in the process of coming in as well.

    what should i do?

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    Default Re: babe getting enough milk?


    My milk didn't come in for 4 days and we didn't have lots of wet diapers until it did. We had the meconium poops for a long time too. Hope this helps a little! Congratulations!!

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    Default Re: babe getting enough milk?

    Welcome Darla, and congratulations on your brand-new baby! How exciting!

    The most important thing to know about nursing in those first days is to breastfeed "early and often." What this means in practical terms may be a little different for everyone, but what we like to see is 10-12 feedings in every 24-hour period. Since newborns tend to have their days and nights mixed up for a while, it's important to look at the entire past 24 hours before making any conclusive judgments about whether they are nursing/peeing/pooping enough.

    A good rule of thumb to start with is to try to get the baby to breast about 2 hours after the START of the last feeding. Some newborns are very sleepy and it takes a lot of work to get them to nurse, so let us know if that is going on. At each feeding, do offer the other breast to make sure that both are getting some stimulation. If the baby has nursed well on the first breast and just won't take the 2nd one, don't stress about it, but take note of it. At the next feeding, then you need to start nursing on the last breast so that it gets its "turn" going first.

    At night, if she has nursed well and often during the day, it's okay to go maybe 3-4 hours between feedings, but don't let her sleep longer than that until your milk is in and she is gaining well. If she's like most newborns, she will more likely be waking frequently at night and then trying to sleep longer stretches in the daytime.

    It would be more reassuring to hear that her daily number of wet and dirty diapers is increasing instead of decreasing. I don't think you should worry yet, but do be alert and keep tracking the diapers and the feedings. Look for the early hunger cues and just basically take every advantage to get her onto the breast. Things may not fall into any kind of predictable "pattern" for quite some time, but it never hurts to offer the breast. That frequent nursing is what will encourage your milk to come in, and in the meantime it gets the colostrum into her that is so high in nutrients and also promotes pooping out the meconium.

    Does this answer your question? Update when you get the chance to let us know how things are going, and don't hesitate to post with any other concerns. Just about everyone on this website has BTDT with nursing a newborn!


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