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Thread: Who is nursing 2-year-olds?

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    Default Who is nursing 2-year-olds?

    I have twins that are 2 yrs 9 months old (3 in November). Wow, I'm surprised at how different this third year has been from the second year.

    I was nursing them before bed/naptime and when they woke up, so about 4 times a day. But a few months ago, I realized that I was delaying bedtime because (now, don't stone me!) I really didn't feel like nursing them before bed! I didn't mind nursing when they woke up, though.

    So, one day, I told them that we would snuggle and sing before bed, but no nursing. And they went right to bed! Since that day, we have been nursing when they wake up only (2 X per day) and it is so much more enjoyable for me!!

    Any other experiences from moms nursing two-year-olds?

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    Default Re: Who is nursing 2-year-olds?

    I'm nursing my daughter, Emma, who is 2yrs 8.5mo. She was nursing only when she woke up in the morning for a few months and then I recently thought she weaned because she didn't nurse for 3 days, nursed really quick and then went another 3 days. But then she started having melt downs and seemed to really need to be able to nurse when she asked even if it was every few days. So now I'm just leaving it up to her. She nurses at most once a day, but is often skipping a day or two without asking. So that's where we're at now!
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    Default Re: Who is nursing 2-year-olds?

    I'm tandem nursing my 2y7m old DS and my 1y/o DD. DS asks to nurse approx. 8x a day but a lot of that is because he sees DD nursing. I'm currently formulating a plan to attempt to wean him by Thanksgiving so we'll see.

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    Default Re: Who is nursing 2-year-olds?

    Oh, Amy I'm interested in how your plan goes. I'll be waiting!

    I'm tandem nursing DS who's 2y3m and DD who is 3 months. He still asks A LOT. I'm so amazed by lo's who nurse just once or twice a day. Or that self wean. It seems like it will never happen. I'm not ready for DS to wean completly but once a day seems awesome! Of course his last molar has been working it's way down for months, so I'm curious to see how much he wants to nurse once it's done.

    I would like to be done by 3. We'll see.

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    Default Re: Who is nursing 2-year-olds?

    Still nursing my 2 yr old on demand. Seems like it is all day and all night. Really it's upon waking, naptime, a few times throughout the day, bedtime, and all night long. Ok, so it is all day and all night!

    He can go without for long stretches if he wants, depends on what kind of day it is in his little world.

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    Default Re: Who is nursing 2-year-olds?

    Sean will be 2 in November. I stopped nursing him to sleep about 5-6 months ago because his little sister was born. I was having a hard time getting both kids to sleep at night so hubby took over with putting Sean to bed. We're finally to the point where hubby doesn't have to lay down with Sean at bedtime and I don't even have to be in the room at naptime. It's made things easier and more enjoyable around here.

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    Default Re: Who is nursing 2-year-olds?

    I'm nursing!

    Logan is 2 years and (almost) 4 months old. He nurses for naptime and bedtime and sometimes once in the mornings but not consistently.

    I'm pretty committed to CLW, I have had months where I thought he was at the end and then he picked it back up again. He's had all of his teeth in since before 2 years.

    I'm pregnant due in Dec. and my milk has been dried up for a while. Colostrum is starting to come in and... well he LOVES it and has been asking more to nurse. But I am pretty firm and I tell him no and distract him with a snack or game if he's persistent.

    I plan on tandem nursing but keeping Logan to nursing only 2 times a day. Unless he surprises me and decides to wean, but I don't see that happening.

    I LOVE nursing a 2 year old. It's comforting, relaxing, and a really nice way to reconnect with a toddler who is usually too busy otherwise to cuddle too long with me.

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    Default Re: Who is nursing 2-year-olds?

    I'm nursing a 2 yr. old. It's wonderful for her. There are times I feel ready to be done, but other times I cherish it...like now when she has the sniffles and no appetite, but a fierce nursing appetite.

    She will not go to bed without it unless I'm not home which does not happen very often. She doesn't nurse to sleep though, she nurses, then I tuck her in and give her a cup of water.

    I pretty much only nurse her morning, noon and night but she frequently requests to "mursh all day!"
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    Default Re: Who is nursing 2-year-olds?

    I am still nursing a 2yr9month old but only when he asks, which can be once per day, once every couple days or once per hour....depending on what's going on in his world. I am due any day and we shall see how this relationship continues. I don't mind it, he enjoys it and it keeps us connected in a way that is so special!

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    Default Re: Who is nursing 2-year-olds?

    I'm nursing my 2 yr 7 mo DD2 - naptime (weekends) and bedtime.

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