Thanks for this great advice, I'm going to try and be more consistent and also look at the blogs below, we really want her to be bilingual from the get-go!

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Our one parent/one language is a lot of fun. Books are a huge plus. Dónde está Elmo is one of the best $8 purchases I have made. Also the palabras menudas series--Pequeño Panda is DD's favorite.

Some blog recommendations: is a mom/grandma raising bilingual kids;;; my blog is, more intended for older students b/c I'm a hs teacher but I have links to online kids' programming and bloggers and such. is a fav with baby girl.
Also on twitter: I'm @wandermami, follow as well @SpanglishBaby and @MamiTati and they'll get you following a host of others.

As a linguist my biggest tip is be consistent. Refuse to speak English unless someone around you has to know what you're saying. If you're not giving her fluent input it won't work.