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Thread: Antibiotics while BF'ing?

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    Default Antibiotics while BF'ing?

    My ob/gyn prescribed me an antibiotic gel called metronizadole for bacterial vaginosis. He assures me it's safe to use while breastfeeding, but the insert that came with the gel cautioned about BF'ing while taking the drug because of carcinogenic studies with rodents (eek!). I did some research on the Internet, and the consensus seems to be that metronizadole is probably safe for the BF'ing infant, but should be used with caution (in fact, it is used for infants sometimes, especially preemies, but I'm still freaked out!).

    Has anyone else used this drug while breastfeeding, and did you notice any adverse effects with the baby? The brand name is Flagyl, but that's for the single high-dose pill - what my ob prescribed is a gel to use once a day for five days.

    Thanks so much!
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    Default Re: Antibiotics while BF'ing?

    I used it twice while pregnant, but not while bfing. I would call your pharmacist and ask some more questions.

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    We use Metronidazole all the time in our animal hospital, I handle it everyday. It's a very safe drug when used as rx'd, and as a topical treatment you have even less of it making it into your milk. Drugs have to be fat soluble to make it into your milk at all - I don't know if this is or not but I can easily find out if you'd like me to!
    Hope this alleviates some of your fears!

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    Default Re: Antibiotics while BF'ing?

    I took it, in pill form. A pharmacist will just say "don't take it" for everything. The doc said "no problem." No problems to speak of, with my DD. She was about 5 weeks old.

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    Default Re: Antibiotics while BF'ing?

    Hi there- I just quickly wanted to give you a link to a great website that is a great resource for bf'ing mamas and different medications...Dr THomas Hale is a fab. resource and this is what he primarily deals with! Good luck - hope you get better soon.. and yup as the pp said the pharm. will just say "don't take it" so don't ask them! (diclaimer: nothing against pharmasists or the like - I get its a "liability" issue )

    Oh I just re-read your post...it's a gel ?- it's topical .. yeah - i'd say safe, especially if it is perscribed for infants!
    In any event- keep this website around - it is a great wealth of info!

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