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Thread: Nasal decongestant spray

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    Default Nasal decongestant spray

    I have a cold. Will nasal decongestant spray effect my milk supply? I know that oral decongestants can.

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    Default Re: Nasal decongestant spray

    see the following link:

    it states:
    "Nasal sprays are generally considered compatible with breastfeeding.

    Of the preparations available for treatment of allergic symptoms, the nasal steroids (e.g., Flonase, NasalCrom) are considered to be, by far, some of the most effective and safest to use in breastfeeding moms. Although there is so far no data specifically on these intranasal steroids, it is known that the plasma levels of the drug are extremely low, and thus milk levels would be even lower."

    HTH! And hope you feel better soon!
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    Default Re: Nasal decongestant spray

    I posted this a few weeks back in a related thread......

    So sorry you are all stuffed up. Not fun at all!
    There are a couple of things that you can do that won't impact your milk supply. You can try rinsing your nasal passages with saline - saline nasal sprays are sold in just about every drug store. Saline has the benefit of not causing 'bounce back' congestion that nasal decongestant sprays like Afrin can cause. That said..... one shot of Afrin in each nostril will buy you several hours (as many as 18 if you get the 12-hour kind) of clear breathing. Caution with this stuff, though; it can be somewhat habit forming and when it wears off, you will feel HORRIBLY congested for that first hour. But resist the urge to use it again, if you can, for at least the next 24 hours.... use the saline instead and also try being in a hot steamy room - run the shower for a few minutes before you get in and then indulge in a nice long steamy shower...that will also help.
    Sweetie, I've been there several times.... it's nasty.... keep drinking lots of fluids, that will also help loosen up the gunk.
    Good luck!! Hope you feel better soon!

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