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Thread: Second hand Pumps

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    Default Second hand Pumps

    A co worker is selling her pump, any thought on buying second hand
    its a Medulla pump in style. Do I need to replace some of the tubes and

    New mum to be. HELP!

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    Bump! LLL has this to say about second hand pumps, the PIS is an "open" system. http://www.llli.org/llleaderweb/LV/LVJunJul04p54.html
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    Hi there phobbs...

    I know lots of people who have used second hand PIS pumps. I decided not to because I was nervous about the remote possiblity of milk getting into the pump motor, which doesn't seem all that likely when you actually see how it works. If you do decide to buy the used one, you would need to get your own tubing, I think that part would be the hardest to sterilize. The horns, etc. can go in boiling water, I'm not sure about the tubing.

    However, you may just want to spring for a new pump. I thought the cost was high, but a friend of mine said that you'd just spend that amount on formula in two or three months if you weren't breastfeeding. Thinking about it that way made the purchase more justifiable to me.

    The other concern would be that if the pump gave out, you would not be able to get it replaced on a second hand system. But maybe your coworker could. I'm not sure...

    Any moms out there use a second hand pump with advice to offer this new mom to be?

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    Personally, I sucked it up and bought a new one. I know it's expensive but it was worth my piece of mind. My LC told me to buy a new one if I wasn't FOR SURE that the person who have me the old one didn't have any communicable diesease while using it. It sounded too risky to me. AIDS, HIV, even a yeast infection can be transferred through the pump. GL!
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    I was given a used pump by a coworker, at the time I was onyl two months pregnant... didnt know much about it or the different types of pumps. She gave me her PIS and once I actually did research and compared pumps, I kept it. I just replaced the things that needed replacement. Didnt bother me one bit. =]
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    I, too, got a second hand pump (PISA) - it was barely used and in great shape. I purchased all new parts, though - tubing and horns, bottles, etc. Worked great and I even passed it on to a friend when I was finished with it. I received some hand slapping for this on this forum at the time, but I don't regret it at all. Good luck!

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    I also received a PIS secondhand form another mama. I didn't buy new parts. I couldn't afford anything at the time, so I sterilized every piece of the pump several times over. I have never had a problem at all with it.
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