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Thread: How to get more food into ME?

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    Default How to get more food into ME?

    Hello all,
    I haven't posted in a long time, but things have been pretty smooth. Last month I came down with a really really nasty stomach bug. We nursed through it, but that was tough. I still can't seem to get back to eating enough to keep myself feeling well. Any good ideas on sneaking more healthy calories into my day?

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    Not only are avocados a great first food for babies, they are a wonderful one for moms! It will give you the calories, fat and energy that you need, not to mention they are absurdly yummy! I only wish I had your problem- I still have a few baby pounds to take off !!

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    Default Re: How to get more food into ME?

    hard boiled eggs or string cheese are easy to have on hand and quick high protein snacks

    make or buy smoothies where you can grab one to drink while you sit down to nurse.
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    I always find that if I have foods prepared ahead of time I will go for those instead of snack foods. Would having little containers of fruit or veggies (like already cut up melon) ready to go in the fridge so when it is time to nurse you could easily and quickly get something? I know in my house the stuff that is easily accessible is what goes the fastest. Like mentioned in a pp; cheese or yogurt can also be a good quick grab. I learned a trick from a friend for yogurt - before you open it give it a good shake and use a straw through the lid! It would be very easy to have while nursing that way.
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    Default Re: How to get more food into ME?

    Last time I was sick I couldn`t stand food, but was weak and knew I needed nourishment. I ended up getting a case of Glucerna (a meal replacement drink) and it worked great, I made myself take little sips at a time and I got my strength and appetite back in no time.
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    with pps...I was coming to suggest avocado and smoothies.
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