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    My question is are some woman just not able to pump any milk? I BF and have letdowns my son eats a lot! I have like 2-3 letdowns sometimes. But when it comes to pumping even when I do have a letdown I still only get 1/2 -1 ounce sometimes 2 if I am lucky, that is from both breasts! Sometimes I feel soooooo full my breast are extremely full because he's been going longer at night so in the morning they are very very hard and full so I think I am going to be pumping a lot and nope I still get 1/2 ounce to an ounce I've tried multiple pumps and am now using the medela pump in style. Also I might add that with my older dd she was in the nicu she was a 29 week preemie so I tried pumping for her and I got 1/2 ounce too from both with 30 mins of pumping every 2-3 hours until I gave up at a month. I felt pathetic taking in 1/2 ounce when moms were taking 8 ounces So can I just never be able to pump milk and why does this happen to some women? I have tried the smelling something of my babies and looking at the pics and pumping with him in the room and not in the room. The saddest thing is that I return to work in 3 weeks and I worry I will have to give up on nursing since If nothing comes out when I pump at work obviously my milk will dry up since the only time I will nurse is when I am home but I will be gone from 8:30am - about 7pm.

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    I'm sorry. I don't pump much either. Have you tried hand expression? That sometimes works much better for some moms. Its not ideal for a working Mom, but if its the only thing that works....

    Hand expression

    Many women find that hand expression is an efficient way to pump when only occasional expression is required. In fact, when colostrum is present and the milk production is not abundant (as normal in the first few days), it is often easier to get milk with hand expression than with a pump and many women find this the easiest way to express mature milk as well.

    Wash your hands
    Place thumb and index finger on either side of the nipple, about 3 to 5 cm (1-2 inches) back from the nipple.
    Press gently inward toward the rib cage
    Roll fingers together in a slight downward motion
    Repeat all around the nipple if desired
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    I might have to try the larger shield. Maybe that will help. My nipples are pretty small though. Is there a way to be measured to make sure ur using the right size?

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