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Thread: How many times should a 7 week old eat in 24 hours?

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    Question How many times should a 7 week old eat in 24 hours?

    So, the title pretty much sums up my question..... I know most people say, watch for cues and feed when she is hungry but I just want to make sure I am doing it enough......she weighed in at 11 lbs 7 oz today and she has plenty of wet diapers...Last night she went to bed at 730 woke at 1130 fed and down by 12 and back up by 330 fed and down by 4ish and back up around 730....

    Any thoughts?
    Is there a general idea as to how many times she should be feeding? I know that they say newborns are 8-12 times a day in general..is it different for 7 weeks?

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    Default Re: How many times should a 7 week old eat in 24 hours?

    My dd1 nursed 14 times a day for 6 months

    Each child is different and there is no right number. You are right to be watching diaper output!

    Keep up the great nursing.
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    Default Re: How many times should a 7 week old eat in 24 hours?

    The best way to know if she is getting enough is to watch her diapers. 5-6 wets/day means she's getting enough. Your night schedule seems pretty normal for that age, but don't be surprised if it changes. Just when you get used to their routine it seems to switch (babies like to keep their mamas on their toes ). Like Christy said, counting the number of nursings doesn't always work very well because they vary how much they get and how long they nurse and every mama and every baby is different. But you always know that if she's got a good output then she's got a good intake.

    You're doing a great job!
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    My understanding is that once nursing is well-established, feeding frequency may decline to 8 nursing sessions/24 hour period. That's a minimum- you really don't want less than that, and many babies need much more. Feeding frequency may increase at any time, especially during growth spurts. You can't feed a baby too frequently, so if you're feeding your baby 14 times a day (like nolamomma did, and like I did), don't worry for a moment about it.
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    I wasn't to worried about it being to much, more to little. I know up to this point she has been doing well with gaining weight. So how much weight should they be gaining a week??

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    Default Re: How many times should a 7 week old eat in 24 hours?

    My lo would never nurse more than 7-8 times a day as a newborn and after 3-4 weeks of age was only nursing 6-7 times per 24 hrs. I always worried but she was gaining like crazy, 10 or more oz a week so it must have just been her style. She would refuse if I offered more frequently or was too sleepy to take it. Everyone says that 8 is the minimum and maybe it is for some but all babies are different. My lo stayed in the 97th percentile for weight till 15 mths, exclusively bf till 8 mths and self-weaned at 27 mths so there was never a long term problem. If you are worried, buy a scale or take her to the ped more often for weight checks. Kellymom.com has lots of info on how much weight gain per week.
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