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    Hi there, I am worried I am starving my baby. I am away from her about 8 hours, and she takes 2 bottles of 3-4 ounces (total of 7-8 ounces). Should I try to push her to the 1.5 ounce per hour average?

    I will have to travel at the end of the month and wonder if it is better for her to take more BM at daycare, rather than leaving my DH to make up for the difference in the bottles she will have to take at home when I am gone. I know she may only *need* an ounce per hour I am gone, but it seems like the norm is for babies to take in much more than that here.

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    The baby that I used to nanny took about an ounce per hour. It sounds fine to me. Is she acting satisfied and having enough wet diapers?

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    Hi there You're concerned your baby isn't getting enough expressed milk while you're away and your wondering how to handle the upcoming separation you're going to have.

    I'd like to first ask how old is your baby?

    Are her diapers showing she is getting enough (see more about that here)? Is she gaining at an expected rate? If so - she's reasonably taking in enough, there fore you can feel secure you're not starving her. If she is showing signs you might think are hunger signs we can look into what those might be... if they are hunger signs or something else babies just do.

    As for the amount she is taking in at daycare - you're right that it is an average which means some babies will take less and it be fine (more about how much babies may need during a separation can be found on this non-LLL resource). I know it's hard when you're trying to find answers, but try not to compare what your baby is taking in, to other babies because if your baby is happy, eyes are bright, gaining well and hitting milestones she is resonably getting enough.

    As for the separating you're going to have... again I wouldl ike to know how old she is, how she'll be then and how often you typically nurse when you're home?

    Is there anyway baby and the DH can travel with you?
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    That is exactly what mine takes in while I am gone. I think its fine though. I feed him right before I leave. He eats 3 hours later... then, he eats another 3 hours later. Then I am home.

    He finishes eating at 8am, naps, then eats around 11 or 11:30, then eats again around 2:30 or 3. I am home by 5:30 to feed him. He cluster feeds at night, so I know he is getting enough. Plus he has plenty of diapers. He eats around 3.5-4 ounces a feeding. Funny thing is, I pump about 10 ounces at work, so I have an extra bottle to freeze every day.

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    If all else is well and baby is meeting milestones and gaining then I would not be too concerned. My first son only drank 4 oz total of milk while I was gone at work (10 hrs away)... from 8 weeks old through 2 years. But to make up for it he reverse cycled and woke frequently at night to nurse. He's now 3 and just doesn't like to take lot of food or drink at one sitting - very different from his cousins but he's on track with his weight and height curves so I don't worry about it.

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    Hi - thanks so much for the replies. Yes, I am worried about how to handle my absence. My baby is almost 7 months, and will be at the time I leave - week after next. She is starting to take more, actually, so i will have to decide how much I am willing to send for daycare. Currently sending 2, 4 oz bottles and considering upping that to 5 oz. I would send 3, 4 oz bottles but I kind of want to continue to nurse her right when I get there to pick her up. I nurse first thing in the morning, then she has cereal at daycare, a bottle around 10-11:00, lunch, a bottle around 1-2:00 and then I pick up between 3-4:00 (rarely 4:00).

    When I am away though, daddy will pick up at 4:00.

    She typically eats at least 7 times in 24 hours, although she is just starting to sleep better at night, waking up only 1-2 times max. I tend to nurse her before her naps and after, one side at a time, in addition to other times, so we nurse a lot

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