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    Hi all, my DS is 9 months old and just fell off his growth curve. Well, actually, he's probably been trending down over the last few months since he started solids. He was at the 40th %ile for height and weight at 6 months; yesterday we went in for his 9 month check up and he's 10% for weight, 20% for height. The pediatrician is not overly concerned; said that he was essentially height weight proportional and meeting all his other developmental milestones (which he is, many early). He's a happy, cheerful bright little boy, but I worry.

    In the last three months, my supply has dropped dramatically, such that I can't keep up with him while I work and we're supplementing. He also has started solids, and started moving a ton.

    I feel a tremendous amount of guilt. I'm doing my best, but along with all the other guilt of not seeing him enough, not being able to pump enough, not being able to be there when I want to be, now that he's shrinking it's making me feel even worse.

    Overall, I know he's okay, it's me that's struggling. We're going to try and encourage more intake for him, but we'll see. Hopefully he won't be a skinny minnie forever.

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    Default Re: Weight gain

    NO worries mama. That "fall' off their growth curve is typical for that age Even for moms who's situation is different than yours

    You can read more about their growth and what's typical here.

    If you're finding trouble pumping enough see this link - it might help
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