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Thread: First taste of Criticism

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    My boys have always reached down my shirt at one time or another. But honestly I have seen other children who weren't nursed do the same thing. I'm sorry that your mom is not supportive of your bfing. You will probably just have to agree to disagree if you can. Maybe you can suggest that she do some research on her own if she can. Sometimes learning it from a third source is helpful for critical people.
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    In public, I doubt anyone would guess we were still BFing. My girl is always captivated by everything going on around us.

    At home, well, I can't say she rips my shirt off, but she will raise it and take her num num. We generally don't have company, but while my MIL was visiting, I didn't let it bother me. She didn't say anything even slightly offensive even though we did discuss it, so I was glad.

    If I had your mother, I would probably just ignore her, honestly...

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*babygirl05 View Post
    Anyway, my dd doesn't really try to rip my shirt off. She more or less gives it a gentle tug (like someone trying to get your attention), however if I ignore her and don't nurse immediately it turns into her lifting it way up and flashing the person I'm talking to (I really don't *ignore* her, I just try and finish conversation so we can go somewhere quiet to nurse)
    This is how my DS is. He is one (on Thursday) and *usually* he will sign to nurse, but if I miss it or he gets impatient he will start tugging on my shirt to let me know what he wants. If he's REALLY anxious or very cranky, he sometimes becomes very insistent and grabby, but not usually. He has just started trying to keep his hand down my shirt as a comfort thing (which I thought only started when they were being weaned, but I guess not). Most of the time, like the other mamas said, when we are out and about he is too distracted to want to nurse.
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