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    My DS is just over 4 weeks. I don't go back to work until 12 weeks, but have started pumping this week to get the hang of things, start a stash, and to have a bottle or two for long times away from convenient breastfeeding places. Should I pump at/after every feeding? My DS takes a long time at every feeding, he is a dawdler! So feeding him, then pumping, it seems like I am constantly having something attached to my boob! Also, I don't know if it is necessary to pump everytime as when I go back to work, I only plan on pumping at work (as long as it produces enough for him while I am gone - 10 hour shifts, midnights) What was/is your pumping/nursing schedule and routine?

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    I started my stash by pumping for about 20-30 minutes after the first am feeding. I didn't get a lot at first, but eventually my boobs got the idea that they were supposed to produce more at that time - so eventually I was able to nuse on one side and pump the other one out. When I went back to work I made sure that i didn't go longer than 3 hours without pumping or nursing. I pumped for about 15 minutes each time, but everyone's output/time they need will be different HTH
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    If your little one is still waking at night to feed, then yes, pump at work when you can to help maintain your supply.

    When I went back to work night shift when my LO was 12 weeks, my little one was only waking once a night. So I would pump halfway through my 12 hour shift. That only lasted a few weeks and she was sleeping through the night so I didn't have to pump anymore.
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    Before I returned to work, I began pumping after a coupld of nursing sessions per day in order to start and build up a stash. Then, when I returned to work, I would pump whatever had built up just before leaving the house and then every two-three hours after that while I was at work as that was my son's natural nursing cycled and I wanted my body to stay as close to that as possible so that on my days off I was still staying on track with his needs. He is now 7 months and I have been back to work since he was 6 weeks old, and that routine has worked wonderfully for us and has provided him with all his BM needs while I am away.

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