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    Have just started feeding my baby solids (purees), and just wondering if anyone could help me with some questions...
    I have been freezing some of the purees into ice cube containers. So far its just been fruit and veg. When I get round to using the ice cubes, can I just defrost in the fridge overnight?
    Does food need to be heated up, or can I just serve at room temperature? I would have thought this would be ok for fruit or veg? Will i need to heat it up if its meat?
    Also what's the best way to heat up food once its defrosted? I don't have a microwave.


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    You can pop out an "ice cube" and put it in a ziploc bag. Drop that bag in to a bowl of warm water in your sink.
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    I NEVER heat up anything. I'm just lazy that way and dd eats it just fine. We did BLS and the food may have been hot the first time dd tried it, but if she was getting leftovers, I never heat them up and she could care less.
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    Sure, you can deforst the cubes in the fridge overnight. It's a personal perference, but I always warmed my kids food to at least room temp. (I hate to eat cold meals/food so I assumed they would too.)

    I'm sure you could put it in small pot and warm it up on the stove again. Or boil some water and then stick your cubes in a safe bowl in that boiling water to heat.

    I've never pureed meats or anything with meats. When I thought my kids were old enough to handle meats, they got it the same way dh and I did. Personally, I would heat up the meats.
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