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Thread: book suggestions and ? on baby-led weaning

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    Default book suggestions and ? on baby-led weaning

    My LO is only 3 months but knowing how little time I have to read these days, I thougt I'd get started on a book about weaning as I'll need that time yo get through it. I'm looking for a practical, informative guide. I've been amazon reviews on the Nursing Mother's Guide but some said although it had interesting sociological info on weaning, it didn't offer as much practical advice. Can anyone make a suggestion? Bit scared of Gina Ford as it refers to her 'no-nonsense approach'...

    Anyway, I'm hoping to carry on breastfeeding for 6 months and I've been reading about baby-led weaning. I like the idea but when I mentioned it to my partner, he seemed doubtful about it's practicality (How does baby eat without teeth? what type of finger food can you give them?). Anyway, has anyone tried it and what results did you get?

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    Default Re: book suggestions and ? on baby-led weaning

    I think you are referring to baby-led weaning in the sense of starting baby on solid foods instead of purees, correct? (not actually weaning from bfing at 6 mos, right?) Just to clarify...
    Many people call it "baby led solids" to avoid confusion, or "BLS" for short. Here is one link:
    Guidelines for Implementing a baby-led approach to the introduction of solid food

    I think a new book about it actually did come out recently, but hopefully someone else will have that info!


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    Default Re: book suggestions and ? on baby-led weaning

    I purchased a book by Gill Rapley called baby-led weaning (recommended by a few ladies on here ). I'm about halfway through and I have found it to be very informative and it makes the BLS approach so practical. I had to order it online from Borders. Check it out if you can.
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    Default Re: book suggestions and ? on baby-led weaning

    I read How Weaning Happens. I like it!
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