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Thread: giving extra pumped milk to 3 yr old

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    Default giving extra pumped milk to 3 yr old

    I just had my 2nd baby. I am exclusively breastfeeding. I usually throw away any leftover milk that has been previously frozen at the end of my work day. Would my almost 3 year old benefit from this milk? Should I be putting it in her sippy?

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    Default Re: giving extra pumped milk to 3 yr old

    It's absolutely beneficial! It's a source of healthy calories and of natural immunities. Many kids are still nursing at age 3, so there's nothing weird about providing breastmilk via sippy.

    Just a suggestion, though- unless you have a freezer that's jammed full of milk, don't throw that extra away, even if your older child doesn't drink it! Freeze it, just in case a time comes when your supply drops or the pump gets forgotten at home.

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    Default Re: giving extra pumped milk to 3 yr old

    Yes, now that cold and flu season is approaching, it would be wonderful for her to have some breastmilk, if not for the antibodies, for the great nutrition.
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    Default Re: giving extra pumped milk to 3 yr old

    I've given my 3yo some in a sippy when she's asked. Nothing wrong with that.

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