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Thread: Leaving DS for longer than normal... how much EBM?

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    Default Leaving DS for longer than normal... how much EBM?

    I have a choir rehearsal tonight so DH is going to be home alone with DS. I don't generally pump but have one frozen bottle (3 oz) of EBM in the freezer and started pumping after the first early morning feeding. I got 2 oz. this morning and plan to pump after each feeding today so there is an emergency bottle in the fridge ready to go.

    Rehearsal is at 7, and I'm hoping to get DS fed immediately before and be out of rehearsal by 8:30. We generally put him to bed between 8 and 10. It MIGHT work, but sometimes he cluster feeds then. I only have an Avent bottle and DS can drain it pretty fast and wind up eating too much (DS likes to suck). We only used it twice, but that happened both times. It's been almost 4 weeks since he had a bottle. I'm nervous! BTW, I ordered a few Breastflow bottles, but they haven't come in yet.

    I wasn't planning on starting with choir yet... However, they asked me at the last minute to come practice for a special event on Sunday for which they are desperately lacking voices. DH is happy to be home with DS, but if DS has a meltdown... we only have 1 car so I was planning to walk so DH would have the car w/carseat just in case. Worst case he can always bring DS but that would be stressful for everyone.

    Sorry this is turning into a ramble. Here's the info I'm looking for:
    -How can DH make the feeding slower? Will burping and giving a finger/paci to suck (while holding DS facing his chest) every few ounces help?
    -How much EBM should there be for him for a feeding? DS is 7.5 weeks and normally eats 9 times a day (sometimes 8, sometimes 10).
    -Am I the only one who gets absolutely freaked about leaving my LO for (at the VERY most) 2 hours?
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    Default Re: Leaving DS for longer than normal... how much EBM?

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