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Thread: Defrosting milk

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    Hi Everyone!
    I have been freezing BM for the last 2 months. I want to start using some of the freezer stash and freezing fresh milk so I have a relatively fresher stash at all times. Today was the first day I defrosted BM by running it under warm water...I noticed a lot of chalky flakes in the bag. When I warmed the milk in a bottle warmer, it tasted fine but smelled more like formula milk. Does that seem normal? Should I be heating it up differently? My son drank it without any problems...just want to know because it is an extra task to freeze it and I want to make sure it is still providing him with all the nutrients he would be getting if it came right from me

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    I had the same concerns w/ my milk when I was pumping. I read that the "flakes" on the top are just seperated fat - no problem. Also if it smells soapy that's okay. As long as it doesn't stink (like sour milk) and if it tastes fine and LO drinks it it's perfectly fine
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    When I defrost, I like to put it in the fridge the night before if possible. But if not, then I use cool water to thaw it. That works a bit better and allows for less separation.

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    with pp, and one more thing - swirl the fat back in gently, not vigorously, before you pour from the bag into a bottle. If there is still some left in the bag, you can even use your finger to "clean it out" and then put that in the bottle - the fat is the filling part, so don't leave it in the bag!
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