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Thread: Sudden nipple pain

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    Default Sudden nipple pain

    I've been nursing my daughter on demand for 17 months with no problems except for two plugged ducts suffered before she was one.

    All of a sudden, two weeks ago, I felt like my right nipple sustained some kind of injury while she was nursing. It felt scraped and bruised. Since then I've tried nursing her less on that side and using nipple cream daily, but my nipple is now red and cracked and nursing on that side is super painful especially at latch on! My left nipple is fine, and I see no white spots in her mouth, so I'm guessing it's not thrush.

    What can I do besides wait it out, nurse less on that side and keep up with the nipple cream? I've checked her latch and asked her to be gentle--I don't think that's the problem. The nipple cream I'm using is Motherlove's (olive oil, marshmallow root, calendula, shea butter and beeswax). My husband suggests Neosporin, but I'm not sure if that's wise!

    I appreciate any help!

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    Default Re: Sudden nipple pain

    Ouch! That does sound painful. Here is a good article about healing nipple abrasions. There are some antibiotic ointments you can use, they are listed in there. Good luck!!
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    Thank you so much. Exposing it to air does seem to help, and I'm going to give that salt water rinse a try!

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