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Thread: Drastic Measures

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    Hi, Andrea!!

    I don't have any advice, but I wanted to send you a hug and some good thoughts--it sounds like you are in a tough position.

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    I can ship you mine [how weaning happens] email/pm me to where
    Click here to find an LLL leader near you...or call 1 877 4 LA LECHE for help now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*desertmama View Post
    -limiting the time he's on by saying he can have 5 min on each side and then
    we're done (to which he replies, "No 5 minutes. No done.")
    Have you tried counting, for a set period of time? Time is such a hard concept for toddlers of that age, and sometimes counting is more effective than giving them a set time limit. It sounds like you've given it a good try, but have you tried completely backing off for a couple weeks and then giving it another try?

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    Counting is a good suggestion. And something that worked well for us was singing a song. I would ask my daughter what song and eventually gave her the choice of me singing it once or twice. It was just something more manageable for her.

    I think it's ok to say, at this age, you can nurse at such and such a time, like when the sun comes up, before nap, before bed, etc. Like really concrete times that the child understands and can expect. And there may be tears but you can offer other ways of comfort, if you want to cut down on the nursing sessions. You might just need to be loving but firm.

    As far as offering water at night - that's a good idea. When I night weaned my daughter we did keep a sippy next to the bed and offered it to her because she truly was thirsty. She didn't love the idea at first, but if she was thirsty, that's what she could have.
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    We have been having LOTS of tears, but its been gentle, nonetheless. Counting works great, but it didn't at the start. I told him I would count to 5, and the first couple times he threw big tantrums. I never told him no, to start with, but I would limit the length to a count of 5, for several of his nursing sessions. When he nurses down to sleep, now, he gets a warning when I am getting anxious, that it will be just another minute. Then when that times comes, I say, "Okay, now I'm gonna count to 5." And he stops, then I rub his tummy until he falls asleep. It wasn't always that easy, and its taken several weeks, and there have been some tears and tantrums, but I've always offered other kinds of affection.

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    Thank you for all suggestions. Eme, I will get back to you ASAP about the book. Really, I mean it.

    I will try counting and singing his fave songs. I know he doesn't understand the concept of 5 minutes - that's what I've used because I haven't planned this weaning thing out very well. I don't mind tears - it's full-on screaming and hitting that I do mind. I don't want to give him a time-out/time-in/quiet time for taking something away from him that he relies on for comfort. Or maybe I should? *sigh* I wish this mommy stuff were more intuitive.
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    Probably a dumb question...Can I count at nighttime feedings as well? It seems it would be ineffective because he's mostly asleep.
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    I did the singing at night because it seemed more lullaby-like to me.
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    I sang at night, because I found that counting down wasn't conducive to sleep. Or maybe it was when I yelled BLAST OFF after I got to "one."

    Andrea, you can do this. I'd try the singing. Pick a song and sing it every time, on both sides. And when he gets that, pick a new song, a shorter one, until slowly you only have a teeny song on each side.
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    When I was night weaning DS I counted at night, too. He was so used to it, it usually worked. He also transitioned to his own bed during this time. For a while, he was "allowed" to come to our bed in the early morning and nurse, but I got to a point in my pregnancy I was having so much trouble getting back to sleep, I finally said, "this is it." DH totally took over night times after that and I told DS he couldn't nurse until I'd had my shower in the morning. The first night was rough, we had a couple of really early mornings, but for the most part, it went well.

    Water definitely helped us at night.

    We counted to 10, then he could have the other side and count to 10 again.

    We also mixed the nighttime routine up at some point so he was no longer nursing to sleep b/c it was taking longer and I couldn't deal with it. So, I'd nurse him, then DH would read books and help him get to sleep.

    In the end (at 3.5 yrs old) we incentivized with a weaning party and he went for it. (We'd been talking about it for about 9 months before he was finally ready.)
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