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Thread: Mold Question--toss today's milk???

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    Default Mold Question--toss today's milk???

    I worked a double shift yesterday-pumped at work, threw it all in the backpack last night with the intention of washing it all when I got home. Yup, you guessed it. Forgot all about until I got to work this morning.

    Rinsed everything with hot/soapy water, but can't sterilize anything. There was actually some mold in the yellow valve thingies--I have a PISA. I took a qtip, and scraped it out, and cleaned it the best I could. I didn't see anymore-I hope I got it all.

    Should I toss all my milk produced today? I don't want baby or me to get thrush, or get baby sick in any way.

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    Default Re: Mold Question--toss today's milk???

    Oh, that's terrible!! I would toss it, sorry.

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