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    DD is four months old and I went back to work this week. I have been pumping twice a day. My question is can you pump both times into the same bottles? I have been using clean bottles or freezer bags each time but have to mix the milk later for DD's bottles the next day.

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    I believe when you are mixing milk, you want to be certain they are at the same temperature. I THINK it has something to do with the antibacterial properties of our milk. I am only 7 months into this, so there is still much for me to learn as well. Just to be safe, I never mix my milk until they have both been regrigerated long enough to have reached the same temp. For me, I just mix it together the next morning before he is left in the sitter's care.

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    It isn't a good idea to mix milk of different temperatures. What I did (after each pumping) was to combine both bottles into one, which could then be used for a feeding the next day. It also meant that I had to bring fewer bottles, because I would pump into the emptied one at my next pumping session. But you could always combine them at home later, too.

    about going back to work - the first weeks were really hard for me, but it did get easier.
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