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Thread: leaking from breast shield

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    Default leaking from breast shield

    I pump exclusively for my 2 month old son and at least once a day, milk leaks from the breast shield while I am pumping. I don't know why it happens sometimes and not all the time. Can someone help me with this?

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    Is it coming out the side at the top, or from in between where it hooks to the next part?

    Sometimes if I'm sitting weird some will leak out the top, like it goes backwards under my breast instead of down into the bottle. I haven't had it come out between where it hooks to the next part of the valve or whatever it's called.

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    The breastshield doesn't always get a perfect seal with your skin. When there's a less-than-perfect seal, milk can get out. It's a pretty normal part of pumping- unless it's happening all the time, every time you pump. Then you may need a different size of shield or a stronger pump. Changing the angle at which you are pumping may help- I noticed that when my breasts were pointing down while pumping I was less likely to get milk running out of the shield.

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    Another thing that can help is applying Lanolin to your nipples BEFORE pumping, It can help you get a better seal.
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    Default Re: leaking from breast shield

    I hate to sound ignorant, but I really can't figure out if I'm using the right sized breast shield. I really want to figure this out without having to seek out a LC.

    I've looked at pictures online, and they don't help me...as I'm sure you all realize that women have many different types of nipples. Should ANY areola be pulled through the shield or JUST nipple. My nipples (sorry if TMI) graduate in width...wider at the bottom and slowly get narrower. Should the base (the part meeting the areola) not rub against the shield? Does this make sense?

    Many times they are whitish after pumping...is this ok?

    I welcome and appreciate ANY thoughts or advice. Thank you!

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