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Thread: eating paper?

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    Glad to hear mine's not the only one.. my doc warned me to try fruits and veg's first, but she didn't want them then, and she doesn't want them now! Sometimes I sneak a little bit of sweet potato (cubed that I bought frozen from the store, then microwaved it..it was better than nother! I'm too untalented to cut and make my own right now) in a bite with some past that she LOVES, she also loved bread alot from day one, that was like her first read food, she loved to knaw on it, usually a piece of a baguette
    We just and I am non-stop and we have always and now we are finding our groove with I can't believe it, but I am also and there's alot of going on with Annabella. This mama couldn't be more grateful for the two most important loves of her life, and my natural ability to instinctively follow my heart according to what I later learned as "Attachment Parenting"

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    okay so here is the thing... I don't know if you've heard but we are the famly that is trying to eat mostly raw food, I started a thread about it... anyways, we don't eat meat, and we don't buy the conventional bread, if we have grain its usually rice, or sprouted grains, or maybe some quinoa which we just started eating.. its been hard to figure out okay.. we don't eat meat, we don't want to give dairy, we don't want to give eggs, we don't eat the perservative laden bread, he doesn't get any fruits down yet... so what does that leave!!!!!
    I know one might say well maybe you should re-think what you'll allow? hm.. well I really am striving to be a raw fruit, veggies, grains legumes, nuts and seeds kind of family, although we have steamed veggies and heated beans and stuff, but I'm definitely waiting on legumes for at least another month. I guess I just have to start offering more often?

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