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Thread: i have a strong letdown

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    hi im just wondering ive talked to my local lactation consultants and have been following there direction for emptying one breast before moving onto the next. they said to do this for a week which i have and have noticed a diffrence. however once i started going back to feeding on one breast then switching for the next feeding, shes been cranky and pulling off again its only been 2 days of this and im going back to emptying one breast at before moving. How long does this oversupply take to go down? has anyone else had this issue not resolve? i refuse to give up breastfeeding as i know its the best thing for her. i just need some advice on what to do to make this experience more relaxing and ejoyable for the 2 of us. i pump once a day and feed from bottle just so she remembers how to take it for when i go back to work so dads not sitting home with a baby who wont take the bottle. could this be perpetuating the cycle?
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