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Thread: 12 mo. old - delayed solids, loves to nurse!

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    Default 12 mo. old - delayed solids, loves to nurse!

    Here we are again....have been trying to give DD solids on and off since 6 months but she will have hardly anything to do with them!! She only has 2 teeth right now (1 year old) and didn't even eat dry solids until about 10 months. Even now, at 12 months, she has little interest in any other food aside from mama's milk!! She will occasionally eat crackers, rice rusks, Cheerios, and similar dry foods that she can feed herself, but the only other thing she will eat is diced chicken and cheeses, she does not like veggies or fruits at all it seems.

    This is normally not a problem, but since I have started law school she has been going to daycare for about 6 hours a day and will drink 1-2 bags of EBM while at daycare. Her teachers say she nibbles at solids during meal time but never eats much at all.

    I have been sick with the stomach bug all weekend and have not had time to pump...I have 2 bags of EBM left in the freezer for tomorrow, but other than that we are "broke"!! I can usually pump about 1/2-1 bag of milk per day, so I might be able to catch up...but...what do I do aside from that?! How do I get her to eat fruits and veggies along with BM?

    She has also been nursing A LOT more than usual this weekend...waking up at all hours to nurse and signing for milk probably 10+ times per day...although when she is at the breast, she drinks little and sort of just lingers there (unless she is actually hungry I guess). Is this because she needs more "mommy time" in lieu of daycare during the week? Could it be because she is teething?

    I am just really confused and do not want my sweet girl going hungry at daycare!! Anyone have suggestions?

    I'm a full-time single mama and a full-time law student!! Loving every minute!!

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    Default Re: 12 mo. old - delayed solids, loves to nurse!

    Have you tried yogurt? My lo LOVES yogurt! You can add all kinds of fruit to that. How about oatmeal with a little bit of EBM. Have you tried different ways to feed your lo fruits and veggies? You can put them in an omelet, in soups, in fruit meshers, etc. I know juice usually isn't recommended (I never gave my babies much juice) but maybe that would help her to learn to drink out of a sippy cup, etc. If you post under Introducing Solids, that might help get you some ideas. Good luck!

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    Default Re: 12 mo. old - delayed solids, loves to nurse!

    My DS loves Smoothies. You could put anything in one and he will drink it. I usually add 1-2 kinds fruits, even avocado, some flaxseed, wheatgerm, yogurt and milk. It might be a new way to get your LO to 'eat' yummy fruits.
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    Default Re: 12 mo. old - delayed solids, loves to nurse!

    My almost one year old dd is the same exact way! I don't worry about it since she is getting everything she needs from milk. Have you tried the mesh feeder. My dd will eat blueberries and bananas but only if I put them in the mesh feeder because they are easier to pick up.
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    Default Re: 12 mo. old - delayed solids, loves to nurse!

    Your daughter sounds a lot like my son. I think he was 13mo before he really did solids, and at 20 months he's still kind of on the slow end. His little secret is that he will eat more and more kinds of food at daycare than he will for his dad or me. I figure that in an environment where plenty of food is on offer and there's still breastfeeding, a kid would have to have a really serious medical condition to become undernourished. If they really need food, they'll eat it. Keep offering healthy options and sooner or later she'll hit her stride.

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    Default Re: 12 mo. old - delayed solids, loves to nurse!

    It sounds like you all have a lot going on over there, with law school plus a baby – congratulations on continuing with breastmilk! My first reaction to your post is to say, don't worry! Your baby will in all likelihood suddenly gain interest in all those yummy and exotic solid foods when she is ready. It may help you to know that my daughter had absolutely no interest in solids until she was 13 or 14 months old, despite my valiant attempts to introduce them starting around 6 months. She is now almost 6 years old, healthy, and with a good appetite! As you probably know, one of the most important of the 5 signs that a baby is ready for solid is that she shows interest, takes food off your plate, etc. It is really fine to follow her lead.

    It sounds as though you are doing a great job of providing the nutrition your baby needs with EBM and with nursing when you are with her. If you and her teachers are offering solid foods, she will pick them up when she's ready. In the meantime, the more you can offer her the breast and the more you can pump for her, the easier it will be for everyone.

    As for the increased nursing over the weekend, a couple of things come to mind. The first is what you already intuited – she is making up for 'lost time' with you when she gets the chance. Many babies do this when they are reunited with their mothers after daycare, and while it can be frustrating for Mom, it is the baby's way of getting what she needs nutritionally, emotionally, and tactile-ly.

    My other thought is that if you have had a stomach bug, perhaps your daughter is either feeling a little 'off' as well and comforting herself at your breast, or is successfully fighting the bug off and instinctively giving herself extra breastmilk to support her immune system. In any case, the more relaxed nursing time you can give her, the better she'll feel – and you may find yourself soothed as well, if you can relax into it and enjoy the time with her after the stress and excitement of your new schedule.

    I sure hope that by now you're feeling better. You will discover that finding the balance between school and home, nursing and solid foods, yourself and your baby and the bond between the two of you is a constant process, one that will shift and flow all the time. My experience has been that parenting is a constant attempt to catch up with my daughter's new needs, challenges, abilities… just when I get the hang of something, it changes! But if you're open to the changes you can usually figure it out before too long, and find the new balance – until the next one!

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